Workshops & Classes

I offer classes over a number of weeks or am available to book for weekly sessions or more focussed day/weekend workshops. 

Contact me at if you'd like to talk further or book me for your group's needs. I live in Oslo, Norway and work often in the UK.

Meditation Classes

It can be difficult to find calmness and feel grounded in our busy personal lives and our ever-frantic world. Yet by learning, or rediscovering, the tools that can bring presence and authenticity to our own experience, we are much more capable of navigating the difficult and appreciating the joyful in our lives.

Whether you’re new to meditation, or if you are a long-time practitioner, sitting with others is an essential and supportive part of practice. With a mixture of guided meditations, silent sits and time to share our experiences across these weekly sessions, we can find connection and reassurance from each other as we deepen our skills to remain present to see and appreciate all life has to offer.

Stories We Tell

"The world is made of stories, not atoms" Muriel Rukeyser


Stories draw us in! That childhood classic. The latest must-see TV or movie. The big news stories in the 'real world'. As human beings we instinctively create and relate to stories as a tool to provide meaning and make sense of the world...even down to the smallest particle!


Through this workshop, using discussion and guided meditation, we take a look at the stories that fascinate us - in the fictional and 'real' world - and individuals have a chance to look at a story in their own lives, causing them difficulty or frustration to learn how they could find more peace by looking at their story or situation from another angle or simply be more accepting of how things are right now.

Contact for bookings or more info.

60-90 mins

The Story of Masculinity

"A very sensitive topic made accessible, it was pleasing to see such important and honest discussions between the students" Joe, Student Development Coach

"I learned I'm not the only one going through this stuff!" Student Participant

In this facilitated, discussion-based workshop I give young men a chance to discover the messages that have been handed down to them about how a man should think, feel and behave. In this supportive space we can then establish the responsibility each man must take for himself once we see the ways in which how the story of masculinity hasn't served us. (Suitable for mixed groups also)

With men's mental health at crisis point - 76% of all suicides are men and it's the biggest killer of men under 45 - these spaces provide a much needed service.

Ideal for Higher Education Students, contact for bookings or more info.

60-90 mins

Myth as Refuge (in development for 2020)


In this more active workshop we work with myth as a way to see the shared stories we inhabit. By seeing how we create stories, we will be more equipped to catch and transform or simply understand and accept some of the stories that crop up in day to day life.


Including storytelling, meditation and theatre-based exercises, we connect with one another to understand the shaed sense or stories we live in as human beings.

The session winds down with a meditation that includes storytelling and self-compassion practice.

Expect fun, connection, relaxation and plenty of storytelling. Bring a notepad!

Contact for bookings or more info.

Half/full day workshop - approx 3/6 hours

Men's Meditation Class

Men need the company of other men. Yet there are very few nourishing spaces for men to come together to slow down, feel grounded and be their authentic selves. Often meditation and yoga classes are full with women – nothing wrong with that, but it’s important we also have spaces where we feel we have less of a traditionally masculine role or persona to play, whatever that is.

Here we have a chance to reclaim something our culture has lost – a positive sense of Brotherhood.

I’ve hosted many men’s retreat and meditation spaces, and the surprise and relief that comes with sharing a sacred space with men for just a short time each week can have a profound effect on a man feeling witnessed and appreciated in a different way, regardless of his sexuality or home and work environments