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The Fringe: Day 3 - "DAY OFF"

Those words are in inverted commas for a reason!

The Spider Glass, 1.35pm, 2 for 1 today and tomorrow (6 and 7 August). Showing til 25 Aug (not Sundays): https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/spider-glass

Deciding to do a full run at the fringe, for the best chance to reach as many people as possible with my message of needing a new story of masculinity, it naturally meant t was going to be a busy month.

Fortunately, my lovely venue The Space, suggests we don't perform on Sundays. This is in part so we can be rested but also so shows coming up for shorter runs can do their technical rehearsals on these days.

As well as having an extra hour and a half in bed - make it my first 8 hours sleep in...well, weeks!...I felt fully recharged! And it's a good job I was cos I was gonna need it!

At the suggestion of my good friend, and Director of The Spider Glass, Josh had suggested I get out of the hustle and bustle for at least a short while within the first few days and heading up to Arthur's Seat was the perfect remedy.

A must for anyone visiting Edinburgh, it's also the perfect spot to retain one's sanity from the fun, necessary but often tiring job of promoting your show. With panoramic views of city, distant farmland and the ocean it's a wonderful place to reconnect with nature. I found a little space on a nearby mound to have a 5 minute meditation. Blissful!

It was time to head back into town though, recharged! The Space has 8 different venues (I'm at The Space Triplex btw) and so I was delivering and topping up flyers in each of those spaces. It's lovely to visit each of the places, there is a real feel of community with the venue (I should say 'Venue' actually covers lots of different smaller venues but they're generally referred to as a singular entity). With energy not expended from performance I ventured to The Royal Mile to do some flyering.

As with yesterday, I had some amazing conversations with people. A lovely American chap in particular chatted to me for about 20 minutes about the state of things in his country. It's a worldwide issue, so I know I'm on the right track! In the end he thanked me for the important work I'm doing - I've only had those words said to me from women so far, so the conversation is expanding for me. With ticket sales at 7 for the first day - which I since understand is AMAZING for the first day for a debut theatre company - we had 13 on the second day.

Slightly over confident, I spent a lot of yesterday refreshing the ticket sales web page. Only 3 thus far...one of them is a reviewer! I'm also waiting on a review from my first show by one of the BIG publications. I'll share when it's printed, obvs.

After flyering, I was a little bit down as I headed to an event with my venue, who had invited editors of several prominent review sites to talk about marketing our show. On the way there, a lovely guy called Mike who works for The Space (all performers and staff get to see other The Space shows for free, which is a great perk!) stopped me to say how much he loved the show and the world that I built, and how it really stayed with him at the end. I said at the start of this, if just one person walks away from the festival thinking about their story of masculinity then I'll have done a good job. He hasn't been the only one to give strong, positive comments so not only did that help, but during the session itself one editor insisted that although there are tricks on social media, and ways of getting reviewers along, 95% of our efforts in Edinburgh should be on our show.

And that's what I'm remembering today. The Edinburgh Fringe is not an easy place to be - physically and emotionally - but people do it because they love it. Despite sales on the slow side, right now at least, I am massively enjoying the experience. If I take anything away from the month, it's going to be that.

Tired I may have been, and maybe not a day off in my normal definition. But for a day of reflection before plunging back into the beautifully chaotic roller coaster that is the Edinburgh Fringe, it was a great day!

The journey continues...

The Spider Glass, 1.35pm, 2 for 1 today and tomorrow (6 and 7 August). Showing til 25 Aug (not Sundays): https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/spider-glass

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