About The Big I Am

Hello. My name is Craig Malpass and I believe in stories.

Having spent a year and a half living and working on a Buddhist meditation retreat in Devon, England, and being heavily involved in Men’s Work in the UK and Norway for several years, I’ve experienced in myself and others just how the stories we tell ourselves in our lives are incredibly powerful. These stories are not always useful, but if we can authentically see those stories and learn to sit with the difficult emotions they bring up, we can navigate toward a life of meaning, purpose, joy and integrity with ourselves and our loved ones.

Even before I discovered meditation, I’ve been a storyteller; writing for the stage, radio and film I’ve been fascinated at how as human beings we are drawn to stories. After all, it’s how we make sense of the world! I love creating experiences that provoke thought and challenge cultural ideas from politics to childhood trauma to media ethics, I believe in being entertained whilst provoking thought and challenging cultural norms…particularly the unhealthy ones!

We all have BIG I AMs – for me I AM a writer, I AM a man, I AM a teacher, amongst other things - with and with such roles we are given and give ourselves we provide certain expectations to live up to. The more we can see and adjust those expectations the more fluid we feel with the current of our lives.

By seeing the stories we carry and sharing our experiences with one another – both in ‘reality’ and through the power of dramatizing our relationship with our world – I believe we can be good to ourselves whilst navigating toward the choices that make sense to our truest self. Then we reap the rewards of a joyful, nuanced and fully human life.

So that's me in a nutshell. Find our more about my workshops and classes or my creative writing and performances.

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