“Life can dry up because you’re not off on your own adventure”

Joseph Campbell

We have all the tools we need to find meaning in our lives - though it can be difficult to find the key to the tool box. Together, we can open it up and discover the ways that work for each of us to navigate the personal and cultural challenges in our world. And we can be playful whilst we do it!

My name is Craig Malpass and, whilst a storyteller at heart, I run workshops and meditation sessions to help people, including myself, see the narratives we live by.

I believe that authentically discovering the conscious and subconscious stories we believe about ourselves ('I AM this type of person, I AM better/less worthy than that person etc...) can help us master our own lives, heal deep wounds, and lift us all up into stories and situations that nourish our lives.

Take a look at my workshops and meditation classes or you can find out more about me and why I started THE BIG I AM.

Seeing our own Stories

Through meditation and interactive workshops, we can see how the mind works; individually and collectively.
By being authentic with our experiences we can begin to understand how to find peace and calm in the most challenging of times.

The Spider Glass-1144206.jpg
Creating Stories

Storytelling has the power to connect, inspire and shift perspectives. Hear more about my play The Spider Glass - the highly-acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe show, as well as my previous writings.

Stories of Man

Men are suffering. Having delved into my own 'men's work' I suggest resources to expand awareness of our inherited story of masculinity.